Citric Acid 10#'s
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  Citric Acid is a great all natural, biodegradable acid for use in pickling skins.      Amount needed to achieve proper pH will vary on water hardness.  Add 3 ounces per gallon for a pickle solution.  Add 1 oz. per gallon to a rehydration bath as a low cost bactericide.


Pickling Instructions:  No-Harm Acid or Citric Acid

  1.  Per gallon of warm water (not exceeding 90 degrees) add 1lb of salt2.5 gallons of pickle is recommended per deer cape.
  2. Amount of No-Harm Acid or Citric Acid required will depend on acid being used.  If using Citric Acid add 3 oz per gallon of waterNo-Harm Acid ½ oz per gallon of water.  
  3. 3.       A pH of 1.5 -2 is best. 
  4. Skins should remain in the pickle solution for 24-48 hours before shaving.    Stir / agitate pickle daily.  (Skins can remain in the pickle for an extended period of time as long as the pH is maintained.)
  5. Once shaved, skins should be put back in pickle overnight.
  6. Adjust pH as needed.
  7. Re-Shave skins as needed the next day.
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Citric Acid 10 Pound

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