TruBond 1000B Quart
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TruBond 1000B The first synthetically blended paint-on developed just for back skins and wall hangers.  Traditionally skins of this type required hours of breaking to even coming close to getting them soft…not any longer.  This paint-on will produce an excellent quality skin, soft, with little to no breaking.  Like all TruBond products, it is low odor, safe and easy to use.


Tan Application:  TruBond 1000B

  1.  Skin should be free of excess moisture.
  2. With the properly prepared skin on a flat surface, skin side up.  Liberally apply TruBond 1000B to the entire skin. 
  3. Let TruBond1000B soak into the BACK SKIN for 2 hours.  Hang the skin to dry.  Every 12 hours tug the skin in all directions for 1-2 minutes.  Repeat for 2 days.  Hide should remain soft and supple.
  4. As the skin dries and is worked you should observe “loosening” of the fibers and a lightening of the leather.
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TruBond 1000B Quart

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