Welcome to the Finest Taxidermy Tanning Products Available.

The effectiveness of TruBond Taxidermy Tanning Products is the direct result of years of taxidermy experience combined with listening to the needs of both taxidermists and tanneries alike.

Understanding these needs, TruBond Taxidermy Tanning Products emerged.

  • Softer back skin with less work
  • More supple taxidermy tan with great stretch
  • Efficient oils, degreasers, surfactants and more

The TruBond Taxidermy Tanning experience doesn’t end with a great tan.  You will also experience one of the most knowledgeable support teams in customer service available.  TruBond Taxidermy Tanning products are thehardest working in the taxidermy industry. Taxidermist around the world are now using these products.

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